The primary purpose of YHES is to bring Yukon home school families together.  Being part of a community means making new friends and mentors, getting answers to questions, finding new ideas and inspiration, or even just having a listening and interested ear.

We support each other, hang out together, organize sports, arts, learning groups, fun fairs, field trips and whatever else we think might enrich the lives of and learning with our children. The YHES community allows parents to support each other with learning materials and exchange of information about homeschooling topics.  YHES is a place where friendships are formed amongst children and adults.

In addition to our events, we have a vibrant online community that keeps our communication fluid.

Roles and Responsibilities

YHES is made up of its members. All members can take an active role in organizing events and keeping the group going. Many of our members form a board of directors that fulfills various administrative functions for the organization and votes on the spending of YHES funds. The Board of Directors is not “in charge” of YHES, but rather exists out of necessity due to YHES’ formal organizational status. It is YHES’s goal to continue to be a member-led organization where each member has equal voice and shared responsibility in making a contribution to the homeschooling community.