We are a family of seven and have lived in Whitehorse for 10 years. J.D. is a high school math and science teacher and Claire is an elementary trained teacher (retired to raise our children).  We chose to homeschool after giving kindergarten a try for both our older boys and finding that school was not a good fit for either, in very different ways. We have since come to appreciate home education for so many reasons – the most important of which is that it allows our children to build strong relationships with us and with one another and experience our family as a mini-community. Home schooling also helps our children grow in our faith and in character – which is infused in their studies throughout the day. We also very much enjoy not having to pack school lunches.

Most of what resembles traditional schooling (reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic) takes very little time, so most of the day is wide open for exploration of interests, projects, practical skill development, reading, or free and imaginative play. One day we might be designing our own countries. Next might be a comprehensive and epic role-played battle of “Screeching Wallopers and Fat Eyegores” (outside please). The next day might be a bike ride at the wildlife preserve.

The opportunities made available to us through YHES have been amazing. They have helped us to create an interesting and well rounded education for our children as well as the opportunity to participate in a broader community of learners from many different backgrounds.