Choosing to home educate has been a big decision for our family. We took a long time exploring both public school and homeschooling as there is so much to consider. There is a lot to be valued in both options, but we fell in love with home education. We like that school has become a fun family time where we are all learning together. Our hope is to cultivate a love of learning and guide our girls in developing the skills and values they need to be successful in the paths they choose in life. They have enjoyed the flexibility to tailor their subjects around points of interest and learning styles. I have enjoyed finding curriculum that is easy to teach from, and ensures that I have covered all they need for each grade.

We have felt so incredibly blessed to be a part of YHES. Taking part in learning and social events has made homeschooling a wonderful experience. I have found a lot of encouragement and gained insights from the families we have gotten to know over the years. We have had experiences and found friendships that we will treasure for a lifetime. As we first started out I don’t think I could have anticipated how homeschooling would shape our family and how much we would enjoy it. It’s pretty exciting seeing how it’s unfolding and looking forward to the years ahead.